Tsugi in Github

Tsugi has two organizations and a number of repositories. This page serves as an index into those repositories. The tsugiproject organization hosts the varius implementations of Tsugi and the The tsugitools organization hosts ready-to-install Tsugi tools that can be installed using the Tsugi Administration, Developer, and Management Console.

General Tsugi Repositories

Tsugi in PHP

Tsugi In The Cloud

We have a number of repositories that include varius resources for Tsugi into the cloud on Amazon Web services. These scripts are used to construct the various production services at www.tsugicloud.org or www.learnxp.com (a Tsugi commercial partner).

At this point scalable instances are best run on AWS since there are so many supporting services that keep socts low while allowing high scalability. Docker/Kubernetes on Azure or Google Cloud is just so much less mature so production deployments simply take more resources and DevOps talent.

Tsugi In Other Languages

Tsugi is best supported in the PHP languages but these languages are emerging and will evolve as there is interest.

Former language efforts in Tsugi beyond PHP and Java are now deprecated.

Deprecated Work

This is initial work that was produced in hopes that a community would emerge around it but when there was insufficient interest, the honest thing to do is deprecate it.

As of late 2018, we are designing and will build a next-generation tool hosting framework based on Tsugi exporting its functionality via web services. This will allow a far greater diversity in tool impementation environment choices and better meet the privacy requirements of the GDPR.